We are a ministry dedicated to Giving God Glory by Training, Equipping and Sending people out to serve the body of Christ and help ready the Bride.

We are Family

Founded by Gary and Gail York of Waterman, IL, GGG holds the family in high-esteem. We believe revival begins in the context of our closest relationships, and we help bring restoration to marriages and families as a part of God being glorified in our lives! There is no greater earthly display of the Bride and Bridegroom or the Son and the Father, then our own families.

We are Unity

We believe the unity of the church is imperative to the proper functioning of the Body of Christ and preparation of the Bride. We are intentional about co-laboring with multiple churches and ministries and breaking denominational barriers.

We are Equipping

We seek to effectively disciple and train others to live a surrendered life in Christ, in addition to equipping them to share the Good News! We believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit, when used in the context of love, are amazing evangelistic tools to share God’s love.

We are Sending

Our vision is to send others out into the world to share Jesus and to start their own fellowships and gatherings. Inside the walls of the church is nowhere for our beautiful lights to be confined! We want light to spread everywhere!
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