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GGG 2022 Tent Revival | Day One Recap

GGG 2022 Foundations | Session 1 | Friday Night

Our first evening of GGG 2022 Foundations tent revival has already been amazing. We gathered in the tent at sunset and started our weekend with an outpouring of love for Jesus. We are so grateful, both our tents were full tonight, and we’re so excited to see how many more people join us as the weekend progresses. 


Dr Solomon Kepkey spoke about Foundations tonight. He shared how, before the beginning of time, the Lord already established our whole life. God is our foundation and our bedrock, and when we dig deep into him, we are firmly rooted. 


He shared with us how Genesis 1:1 more accurately says, “In beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Beginning is not a time, but a person. God is Beginning and all foundations come from him.


Mark 16:17 says: ​​ “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues.” In alignment with that, Dr Solomon instructed us to lay our hands on eachother–but with no prayer. We simply tuned our hearts into the Holy Spirit and let Him flow through us. We gathered together and Let the Holy Spirit have His way tonight.



We love to celebrate what God is doing!


Tonight during Ministry Time we saw God do so much!


A woman with a bulging disc was completely healed! She has been in pain the last two weeks, and she couldn’t get comfortable. Within two minutes of Gail laying hands the pain was gone. Thank you Jesus. 


A man had injured his knee multiple times. It hurt him even to walk and he has been wearing a knee brace. Tonight he was healed and he can move without pain.


Thank you Jesus for what you did tonight and thank you to everyone who joined us.


Join us tomorrow in person and on the livestream and see what the Lord does next!

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