Solomon Kepkey

Solomon Kepkey is an international Evangelist,  Bible teacher, and conference speaker.  Born into a Christian family, he became born again at a young age and quickly knew that he was called to full-time ministry. He earned his Doctorate in Christian Theology and has since led over 1.2 million souls to Christ, spreading the gospel to people all over the world.

With his unwavering commitment to spreading the word of God, Dr Kepkey’s ministry has a global reach spanning across the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and has impacted countless lives in many countries. Read More

Jessi Green

Jessi is passionate revivalist and preaches the Gospel with power, shaking religious systems, casting out demons and equipping the Saints to be full of fire and making disciples of Jesus. Alongside her husband Parker Green, they lead Saturate Global, a grassroots revival movement baptizing thousands and awakening the nations to the resurrection power in Jesus!  She believes that everyone is qualified to share the Good News and challenges status quo Christianity in her most recent book “Wildfires”. Jessi resides near the coast in North Carolina with her husband and four children, when not traveling around the nation visiting churches, setting up tents on fields and calling people to run into the ocean from coast to coast calling all who will listen to “Repent, Be Baptized, and Go ALL IN!”

William Hinn

William Hinn birthed Risen Nation Church in Dallas, TX in 2019. His heart is to see a generation fall deeply in love with Jesus, and to become students of His presence. His desire is to see the fulfillment of Acts 15:16; the rebuilding of David’s tabernacle.

His greatest passion is ministering to the Lord through worship, and he has a longing to see a people become a dwelling place for the Lord. William has been serving in ministry since 2012, traveling extensively as an itinerant while still serving as a Senior Pastor of Risen Nation; which now has campuses in Dallas, TX, Nashville, TN and Chicago, IL. He is also the founder of Habitation Ministries, and the School of Habitation.

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