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GGG 2021 Recap

By August 5, 2021November 29th, 2021Uncategorized
Tent Revival

Wow. Where do I start? GGG Tent Revival has become such a special time for me, my family, and the entire GGG team. The process starts in January with a word from the Lord on the direction He wants to go. We hold a few planning meetings, and then by the end of June we are on a FULL OUT SPRINT.

This year we had such an amazing group of volunteers from all over step up and say they wanted to partner with us and God. GGG 2021 saw a record number of attendees. We had 639 this year; how amazing is that? I never could have imagined having that many family members show up to worship our King and to hear a word from some amazing, anointed speakers.

Sean Smith kicked off our weekend with such a great revival word regarding the digging/re-digging of the wells. His analogy about the elephants landed and pierced my heart as I could relate to the stomping of the ground and bringing water up. The next morning, we had his amazing wife Christa drop a bomb with her anointed message “God doing a new thing / The hour of the UNPRECEDENTED”. Then we had an amazing time of ministry with Dr. Charles Green and I was blown away by the number of youth who stood in line to receive a word from him. This was followed up by a powerful word from William Hinn about Hezekiah and the people doing the priestly job; WOW such depth and revelation. Dr Solomon Kepkey delivered our Sunday morning message on ONENESS. What a deep and stirring message.

In-between all of that, we had some amazing fellowship time and some great games of volleyball, bags and horseshoes – not to mention some refreshing swimming. We had a large number of people that experienced freedom through strongholds being torn down, deliverances, and my favorite: SALVATIONS. We baptized 6 individuals which was awesome. We got to enjoy some amazing pulled pork with the help of Mike Foster, the GGG Master Griller; some Fays Chicken, sides, and some great deserts.

For the first time at GGG, we introduced something new: Friday, we had a loud and lively worship set after-hours that was a huge success. So thankful for Levi Cull and his gifting in putting it together.

We were also pleased to have some special out of town/state and country guests. I was blown away by the visit of a special friend Evangelist Todd White. I have been privileged to travel the world and minister with him and it was such a honor to have him take time out of his schedule and stay here with us for GGG Weekend.

Lastly, and most importantly, was being able to host the presence of the Lord. He was so tangible, everyone that came just added such flavor to the whole weekend and made His presence that much more tangible.

Gail and I thank you for coming and blessing us. Through your offerings and donations we covered and exceeded the cost and are able to sow into next year’s event. I am completely undone by the love and generosity of you all. Gail and I pray a blessing over each of you and your family and over the generations that will follow behind each of you.

We’d love for you to stay connected to our GGG family and be updated on events throughout the year by visiting our website and following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Love you all More!!!

Gary & Gail

Video Highlights From GGG 2021

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